Welcome to Weed Park

WeedPark is a club for those who love spend time relaxing and having a good joint. The variety of strains in our dispensary is as vast as the greatest jungle in the world.

You are about to have the best time of your life in Barcelona–no matter if you are local or not, we’ll provide you the best experience in town.

If you want to enjoy the adventure of being a member of WeedPark you only have to fill out the form. Once you have done it, you can come to the club and finish the membership process. In case you are coming with friends or a partner, please be sure everyone has filled out the form before you come.

At the reception desk you will have to show a valid ID in order to verify you are over 18. That’s why fotocopies or photos of ID or passports are not accepted.

The WeedPark membership lasts a whole year and the annual fee is €20. If you are staying in Barcelona for less than a year no discount our exceptions will be made. The membership is annual and it must be paid, and that rule is final.

WeedPark makes an adventure out of your life.

Follow this simple rules

Fill up the Form

Check your email

Follow the instructions

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